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Research Themes

The TFM group has a long history and great expertise in the investigation of ultrathin films and micro-/nanometre-scale magnetic structures. A detailed description of individual projects can be found by following the links below.

Spin Transport



Thin Film Magnetism Fundamentals


Magnetic mesostructures

Bio Project

Co/Cu(001) and Ni/Cu(001) epitaxial films

Commercial exploitation

Crystallization of Au thin films on Si-based substrates by annealing for self assembly monolayer

Ex situ and in situ Brillouin light scattering

Fe-semiconductor interface magnetic moments

Polarized neutron reflection studies in continuous films: Fe magnetic moment at a GaAs and InAs semiconductor interface

Ferromagnetic rings

Investigation of the magnetic states and switching processes in ferromagnetic rings.

Functionalization of high critical temperature cuprate superconductors for nanoelectronic devices

Global Encoding and Magnetic Characterisation

In situ magnetoresistance of nanostructures

Measurement of the tunnelling magnetoresistance in Fe/GaAs nanoclusters for various temperatures (100 - 300 K).

Magnetic Mesostructures

Magnetic phase plate for transmission electron microscopy

Magnetic Tag Designs: Planar and Pillar Structures

Measuring spin-injection and detection

Mesoscopic structures

Micro and nano magnetic particles in liquid suspension

Microfluidic integration - reading in flow

Nanogaps and nanocontacts for nanoelectronics

Perpendicular anisotropy nanodots

Theoretical/computational and experimental study of high-symmetry stable states in disc-shaped FePt particles.

Previous Projects