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360º Domain Walls- Anibal Gonzalez-Oyarace, TFM

360º Domain Walls have been reported in the reversal processes of thin films as a result of pinning defects [1]. Recently they have also been observed during the reversal process of closed structures even without the presence of any apparent defects [2]. In terms of their application to technological devices, the 360º Domain Walls have been proposed to be used in the fabrication of as magnetic random access memory (MRAM) [3], spin wave generators [4], magnetic memory recording devices [5] and magnetic sensors [5]. In this talk I will introduce the main micromagnetic properties of a 360º Domain Walls and their role in the switching of nanorings driven by azimuthal fields. A short study on the resilience of this reversal mechanism under temperature will also be shown. Moreover, the results of a proposed magnetic memory recording devices based on 360º Domain Walls will be presented. Finally, initial results on the localized injection of 360º Domain Walls into stripes will be outlined. References: [1] P. Gaunt and C. K. Mylvaganam. Nucleation and pinning at 360◦ domain walls in SmCo_5 and related alloys. J. Appl. Phys., 48(6):2587–2590, 1977. [2] F. J. Casta no, C. A. Ross, C. Frandsen, and A. Eilez et al. Metastable states in magnetic nanorings. Phys. Rev. B, 67(18):184425, May 2003. [3]T. J. Hayward, J. Llandro, R. B. Balsod, J. A. C. Bland, D. Morecroft, F. J. Castano, and C. A. Ross. Switchingn behavior of individual pseudo-spin-valve ring structures. Phys. Rev. B, 74:134405, Oct 2006. [4] P. E. Roy, T. Trypiniotis, and C. H. W. Barnes. Micromagnetic simulations of spin-wave normal modes and the resonant field-driven magnetization dynamics of a 360◦ domain wall in a soft magnetic stripe. Phys. Rev. B, 82:134411, Oct 2010 [5] C. B. Muratov and V. V. Osipov. Bit storage by 360 domain walls in ferromagnetic nanorings. IEEE Trans. Magn., 45:3207–3209, 2009 [6] M. Diegel, R. Mattheis, and E. Halder. 360 ◦ domain wall investigation for sensor applications. IEEE Trans. Magn., vol. 40, no. 4,:2655–2657, 2004.
When Feb 07, 2013
from 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM
Where Mott Seminar Room
Contact Name
Contact Phone 01223764822
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