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Dr Liam O'Brien

Dr Liam O'Brien

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Office Phone: 46907

Key Publications

  • L O’Brien, M J Erickson, D Spivak, P A Crowell, C Leighton, Kondo physics in nanoscopic metallic non-local spin transport devices. Nature Communications, 2014, 5:3927.
  • I Gilbert, G-W Chern, S Zhang, L O’Brien, B Fore, C Nisoli, P Schiffer, Emergent ice rule and magnetic charge screening from vertex frustration in artificial spin ice. Nature Physics, 2014, 10 (9): 670-675.
  • S Zhang, I Gilbert, C Nisoli, G-W Chern, M J Erickson, L O’Brien, C Leighton, P E Lammert, V H Crespi, P Schiffer, Crystallites of magnetic charges in artificial spin ice. Nature, 2013, 500 (7464): 553-557
  • L O’Brien, E R Lewis, A Fernández-Pacheco, D Petit, R P Cowburn, J Sampaio, D Read. Dynamic Oscillations of Coupled Domain Walls. Physical Review Letters, 2012, 108 (18): 187202
  • L O’Brien, D E Read, J Sampaio, D Petit, E R Lewis, H T Zeng, A-V Jausovec, R P Cowburn, Tunable remote pinning of domain walls in magnetic nanowires. Physical Review Letters, 2011, 106 (6): 087204.
  • E R Lewis, D Petit, L O'Brien, A Fernandez-Pacheco, J Sampaio, A V Jausovec, H T Zeng, D E Read, R P Cowburn, Fast domain wall motion in magnetic comb structures. Nature Materials, 2010. 9 (12): 980-983
  • L O'Brien, D Petit, H T Zeng, E R Lewis, J Sampaio, A V Jausovec, D E Read, R P Cowburn, Near-Field Interaction between Domain Walls in Adjacent Permalloy Nanowires. Physical Review Letters, 2009. 103 (7): 077206.