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Publications 2013

Cooper J. F. K., Ionescu A., Langford R. M., Ziebeck K. R. A., Barnes, C. H. W., Gruar R., Tighe C., Darr J. A., Thanh N. T. K., Ouladdiaf B. J

Appl. Phys. 114, 8, 083906-083906-7 (2013).


Finite element simulations of electrostatic dopant potentials in thin semiconductor specimens for electron holography.

Somodi P. K., Twitchett-Harrison A. C., Midgley P. A., Kardynał B. E., Barnes, C. H. W., Dunin-Borkowski R. E.

Ultramicroscopy, 134, 160-165 (2013).


Serrano-Ramon, L, Fernandez-Pacheco, A, Ricardo Ibarra, M, Petit, D.C, Cowburn, R.P, Tyliszczak, T., De Teresa, J.M.

Eur. Phys. J.B. 86, 97 (2013)


Static and Dynamic Behaviour of 360° domain walls in patterned thin films.

Oyarce A. L. G., Nakatani, Y., Barnes, C. H. W.

Phys. Rev. B, 87, 214403 (2013).


Spatially homogeneous ferromagnetism below the enhanced Curie temperature in EuO1-x thin films.

Pedro M. S. Monteiro, Peter J. Baker, Adrian Ionescu, Crispin H. W. Barnes, Zaher Salman, Andreas Suter, Thomas Prokscha, Sean Langridge.  

Phys. Rev. Lett., 110, 217208, (2013).


Topological-charge-driven reversal of ferromagnetic rings via 360° domain-wall formation.

Oyarce, A. L. G., Trypiniotis, T., Roy, P. E., Barnes, C. H. W.

Phys. Rev. B, 87, 174408 (2013).

Fernandez-Pacheco, A., Serrano-Ramon, L., Michalik, J.M., Ricardo Ibarra, M., De Teresa, J.M., O’Brien, L., Petit.D.C., Lee, J & Cowburn, R.P.

Scientific Reports (2013)


Reorientation Response of Magnetic Microspheres Attached to Gold Electrodes Under an Applied Magnetic Field.

L De Los Santos Valladares, A Bustamante Dominguez, J Albino Aguiar, RM Reeve, T Mitrelias, RM Langford, Y Azuma, C. H. W. Barnes, Y Majima.

Braz J. Phys 43, 209-213 (2013).


The effects of electrolyte concentration on film composition and homogeneity in electrodeposition.

Cooper, J. F. K., Vyas, K. N., Palfreyman, J. J., Barnes, C. H. W.

Electrochemistry Communications, 27, 96-99 (2013).


Studies of Complex Magnetic Nanoparticles with Anticancer Agents for Cancer Therapy.

Valerii Orel, Thanos Mitrelias, Anatoliy Shevchenko, Andriy Romanov, Crispin Barnes, Marina Tselepi, Anatoliy Burlaka, Sergey Lukin, Igor Schepotin.

Journal of Basic and Applied Physics. 2, 8-12 (2013).


Mössbauer study of intermediate superparamagnetic relaxation of maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) nanoparticles.

JA Ramos Guivar, A Bustamante, J Flores, M Mejía Santillan, AM Osorio, AI Martínez, L De Los Santos Valladares, C. H. W. Barnes.

Hyperfine Interact DOI 10.1007/s10751-013-0864-z (2013).


Ab-initio calculation of C and CO adsorption on the Co (110) surface.

Chin, S. -L., Ionescu, A., Reeve, R. M., Cheng, J., Barnes, C. H. W.

Surface Science, 608, 282-291 (2013).


Magnetic vortex stability in Ni80Fe20 split rings.

Holmes, S. N., Lee, J. H., Hong, B., Mascaro, M. D., Anderson, D., Jones, G. A. C., Ross, C. A., Barnes, C. H. W.

Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 044508 (2013).


Hetero-Coated Magnetic Microcarriers for Point-Of-Care Diagnostics.

 Palfreyman, J. , Love, D. , Vyas, K., Cimorra, C. , Mitrelias , T., Barnes , CHW

Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 49, 285-295 (2013).


Magnetic ratchet for three-dimensional spintronic memory and logic.

 Lavrijsen. R., Lee. J.H., Fernández-Pacheco. A., Petit. D.C., Mansell. R., Cowburn. R.P.

Nature 493(7434):647-650 (2013).