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Publications 2009

“Chemically selective modification of spin polarization in ultrathin ferromagnetic films: Microscopic theory and macroscopic experiment”

Kopper, K. P.; Küpper, D.; Reeve, R.; Mitrelias, T.; Gunn, D. S. D.; Jenkins S. J.

Phys. Rev. B 80, 052406, 2009


“Digital Biomagnetism: Electrodeposited Multilayer Magnetic Barcodes”
Palfreyman, J.J.; Cooper, J.F.K.; van Belle, F.; Hong, B.; Hayward, T.J.; Lopalco, M.; Bradley, M.; Mitrelias, T.; Bland, J.A.C.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 321 (10) p 1662 , 2009


“Magnetic Measurements of Suspended Functionalised Ferromagnetic Beads Under DC Applied Fields”
De Los Santos, L.; Llandro, J.; Lee, D.; Mitrelias, T.; Palfreyman, J.J.; Hayward, T.J.; Cooper, J.; Bland, J.A.C.; Barnes, C.H.W.; Arroyo, J.L.; Lees M.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 321 (14) p 2129, 2009


“Design and Fabrication of SU8 Encapsulated Digital Magnetic Carriers for High Throughput Biological Assays”
Hong, B.; Hayward, T.J.; Jeong, J.-R.; Palfreyman, J.J.; Mitrelias, T.; Ionescu, A.; Bland, J.A.C.;Barnes; C.H.W.
Journal of Applied Physics, 105 (3) p 034701-6, 2009


“Digital Magnetic Tagging for Multiplexed Suspension-Based Biochemical Assays”
Mitrelias, T.; Trypiniotis, T.; Palfreyman, J.J.; Hong, B.; Vyas, K.; Hayward, T.J.; Llandro, J.; Kopper, K.P.; Bland, J.A.C.; Robertson, P.A.; Barnes, C.H.W.
Journal of Applied Physics, 105 (7) p 07B301-3, 2009


“Influence of thermal excitation on magnetization states and switching routes of magnetic multilayer rings”
Lee, J. H.; Hayward, T. J.; Hong, B.; Llandro, J.; Cooper, J.F.K.; D. Anderson; Jones G. A. C.; Barnes, C. H. W.,
J. Appl. Phys., 105, 07C107., 2009


“Antivortex domain walls observed in permalloy rings via magnetic force microscopy”
Roy, P. E.; Lee, J. H.; Trypiniotis, T.; Anderson, D.; Jones, G. A. C.; Tse, D.; Barnes, C. H. W.,
Phys. Rev. B 79, 060407(R) ,2009


“Static and dynamic magnetic properties of Ni80Fe20 square antidot arrays”
Tse, D. H. Y.; Steinmuller, S. J.; Trypiniotis, T.; Anderson, D.; Jones, G. A. C.; Bland, J. A. C., Barnes, C. H. W.,
Phys. Rev. B, 79, 054426., 2009



“Magnetic remanent states and quasi-static switching behaviour of Fe split-rings for spin field-effect-transistor applications.”
Lee, J. H.; Holmes, S. N.; Hong, B.; Roy, P. E.; Mascaro, M. D.; Hayward, T. J.; Anderson, D.; Cooper, K.; Jones, G. A. C.; Vickers, M. E.; Ross, C. A.; Barnes, C. H. W.,
Appl. Phys. Lett.,95, 172505, 2009


“Transparent and flexible polymerized graphite oxide thin film with frequency-dependent dielectric constant.”

Lee, D. W.; Seo, J. W.; Jelbert, G. R.; de Los Santos, L.; Cole, J. M.; Panagopoulos, C.; Barnes, C. H. W.

APPL PHYS LETT, 95(17), 2009


“Double Vortex Interaction in Micron-Sized Elliptical Ni80Fe20 Elements Studied by Real-Time Kerr Microscopy.”

Hong, B.; Hayward, T. J.; Barnes, C. H. W.; Jeong, J. R.

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS Vol. 45 (pp. 2511-2514), 2009


“Crystallization and surface morphology of Au/SiO2 thin films following furnace and flame annealing”

Santos, V. L. D.; Lee, D.; Seo, J.; Leon, F. L.; Bustamante, D. A.; Suzuki, S.; . . . Barnes, C. H. W.

SURF SCI, 603(19), 2978-2985, 2009