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Publications 2007

“Measurement of variable magnetic reversal paths in electrically contacted pseudo-spin-valve rings”
Hayward, TJ; Llandro, J; Schackert, FDO; Morecroft, D; Balsod, RB ; Bland, J.A.C.; Castano, FJ; Ross, CA.
Journal Of Physics D-Applied Physics, 40 (5): 1273-1279, 2007

“Structural and morphological characterisation of hybrid Cu/Si(001) structures”
Vaz, CAF; Steinmuller, SJ; Moutafis, C; Bland, J.A.C.; Babkevich, AY.
Surface Science, 601 (5): 1377-1383, 2007

“Manipulation of spin reorientation transition of ultrathin Co films by using an artificially roughened Pd(111) substrate”
Jeong, JR; Bland, J.A.C.; Lee, JW; Park, YS; Shin, SC.
Applied Physics Letters, 90 (2): Art. No. 022509, 2007

“Influence of substrate roughness on the magnetic properties of thin fcc Co Films”
Steinmuller, SJ; Vaz, CAF; Ström, V; Moutafis, C; Gürtler, CM; Kläui, M; Bland, J.A.C.; Cui, Z;
J. Appl. Phys. 101, 09D113, 2007

“Roughness-induced variation of magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin epitaxial films: The undulating limit”
Vaz, CAF; Steinmuller, SJ; Bland, J.A.C.;
Phys. Rev. B 75, 132402, 2007

“Biological cell detection using ferromagnetic microbeads”
Mitrelias, T; Palfreyman, J; Jiang, Z; Llandro, J; Bland, J.A.C.; Sanchez-Martin, RM; Bradley, M;
Journal of Magnetic Materials 310 2862-2864, 2007

“Quantitative digital detection of magnetic beads using pseudo-spin-valve rings for multiplexed bioassays”
Llandro, J.; Hayward, T. J.; Morecroft, D.; Bland, J. A. C.; Castano, F . J.; Colin, I. A.; Ross, C. A.
Journal of Applied Physics Letters 91, 203904, 2007

“Coercivity engineering of exchange biased magnetic multilayer samples for digital encoding applications”
van Belle, F.; Hayward, T. J.; Bland, J. A. C.; Lew, W. S.
Journal of Applied Physics 102, 103908, 2007

“Digitally encoded exchange bias multilayers”
Barbagallo, M.; van Belle, F.; Ionescu, A.;Bland, J.A.C.
AIP conference proceedings 1025, 2007

“Hybridisation of electrodeposited magnetic multilayer micropillars”
Palfreyman, JJ; van Belle, F; Lew, W-S; Mitrelias, T; Bland, J.A.C.; Lopalco, M; Bradley, M.
IEEE Transactions on magnetics, 43, N 6, 2007

“Efficient spin detection across the hybrid Co/GaAs Schottky interface”
Trypiniotis,T; Tse, DHY; Steinmuller, SJ; Cho, W; Bland, J.A.C.
IEEE Transactions on magnetics, 43, 2007

“Angular dependence of the depinning field for head-to-head domain walls at constrictions”
Bedau, D; Klaui, M; Rudiger, U; Vaz, CAF; Bland, J.A.C.; Faini, G; Vila, L; Wernsdorfer, W;
Journal of Applied Physics 101(9), 2007

“Interface dependent magnetic moments in Cu/Co,Ni/Cu/Si(001) epitaxial structures”
Vaz, CAF; Lauhoff, G; Bland, J.A.C.; Langridge, S; Bucknall, DG; Penfold, J; Clarke, J; Halder, SK; Tanner, BK;
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 313 (1): 89-97, 2007

“Spin torque and heating effects in current-induced domain wall motion probed by transmission electron microscopy”
Junginger, F; Klaui, M; Backes, D; Rudiger, U; Kasama, T; Dunin-Borkowski, RE; Heyderman, LJ; Vaze, CAF; Bland, J.A.C.
Applied Physics Letters, 90 (13), 2007

“The influence of thermal activation and the intrinsic temperature dependence of the spin torque effect in current-induced domain wall motion”
Dagras, P; Klaui, M; Laufenberg, M; Bedau, D; Vila, L; Faini, G; Vaz, CAF; Bland, J.A.C.; Rudiger, U.
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics, 40 (5), 2007

“Current-induced magnetization reversal in NiFe/Cu/Co/Au notched mesoscopic bars”
Morecroft, D; Colin, IA; Castano, FJ; Bland, J.A.C.; Ross, CA.
Physical Review B, 76 (5): Art. No. 054449, 2007

“Initial/final state selection of the spin polarization in electron tunneling across an epitaxial Fe/GaAs(001) interface”
Kurebayashi, H;Steinmuller, SJ; Laloe, JB; Trypiniotis, T; Easton, S; Ionescu, A; Yates, JR; Bland, J.A.C.
Applied Physics Letters, 91 (10): Art. No. 102114, 2007

“Effect of substrate roughness on the magnetic properties of thin fcc Co films”
Steinmuller, S; Vaz, CAF; Strom, V; Moutafis, C; Tse, DHY; Gurtler, CM; Klaeui; Bland, J.A.C.; Cui, Z.
Physical Review B, 76 (5): Art. No. 054429, 2007

“Paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition and magnetic properties of ultrathin CoFe/Cu(110) films”
Kupper, D (Kuepper, D.); Easton, S (Easton, S.); Bland, J.A.C.
Journal of Applied Physics, 102 (8): Art. No. 083902, 2007