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Commercial exploitation


Cambridge BioMagnetics was established in 2008 to commercialise the technology. The company was founded by Dr Thanos Mitrelias, President and Chief Executive Officer and Dr Theo Trypiniotis, Chief Scientific Advisor. The company's vision is to enable a new generation of multiplex bio-chemical assays by offering miniature, low cost analysis systems based on a reprogrammable magnetic microchip. By merging existing technologies in microelectronics, microfluidics and biomedicine with magnetics, one magnetic lab-on-a-chip product enables a vast number of biochemical compounds to be simultaneously identified and continuously monitored serving a plethora of applications in:

(i) the multiplex molecular diagnostic markets - screening for 10's to 1000's of compounds (low-plex),
(ii) the drug discovery and chemical industries screening for 10000's to millions of compounds (high-plex), and
(iii) fuel tagging, tracking and chemical product authentication.

Our magnetic lab-on-a-chip platform overcomes the limitations of conventional systems which employ optical methods. The benefits are:

* Low Cost.
* Multiplexing: identification of unprecedented number of compounds simultaneously.
* Scalability: one microtag design addresses applications in low-, mid- and high-plex markets.
* Error free, rapid, digital detection.
* Flexibility and versatility.
* Small size: handheld devices.

The IP portfolio consists of 3 patent applications, including an application which entered the National Phase in USA and Europe in 2008: PCT/GB2006/050406: "Magnetic Tagging Techniques" with the following inventors: Tony Bland, Thanos Mitrelias, Theodossis Trypiniotis, Klaus Peter Kopper, Stephan Steinmuller, Justin Llandro, Frieda van Belle and Nikolai Zheludev. Two further patent applications were made in 2009 by Thanos Mitrelias and Theodossis Trypiniotis.

For more information please contact:

Dr Thanos Mitrelias, President and CEO,
Dr Theo Trypiniotis, CSO,

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